Who is Seth Godin?

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Who is Seth Godin??? …and why is he famous?

Now I’m not sure what you’ve heard about when it comes to Seth Godin, but he definitely is a marketing guru. I’m not quite sure if he’s famous, but I do know that his name comes up a couple of times when it comes to online marketing, SEO, blogging, etc.

I’ve actually heard of Seth Godin a few years ago but never really thought too much about him especially since we’re bombarded with information and we can get overloaded sometimes with all these ‘gurus.’

A few weeks ago I was doing research on social media, online marketing, SEO, social networking, for a workshop that I was giving to ComReal Miami, and I stumbled on a video of Seth at TED as part of their TED Talks series.The video, Seth Godin on standing out, is quite interesting. In fact, the video was filmed in early 2003 and was only released a few years ago in 2007. It seems like Seth was above the curve. I took a look at Seth’s blog and it seems like he posts content daily. While most content is somewhere around 300 words (short), its a great way to get fresh content constantly out there.

Now I’m not 100% sure if all his information is useful. When doing a google search on ‘Why is Seth Godin famous?’ you get a search result that talks about him giving supposedly bad SEO advice. I don’t know if the things he says are true or not, but most of the things he says, especially in the video, make perfect sense. Besides, Seth is in the top 100 business blogs, so there’s got to be some buzz to him. Either a lot of people are really sheeple, or a bunch of people think he’s spot on.

If you’ve listened, read, or watched any of Seth Godin’s material, please leave a comment and let me know what you think about him.

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