The best question ever!!

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I was listening to Susan Jeffers Feel The Fear And Beyond after I had already borrowed and read her book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway from the public library and I heard one of the best things that I’ve ever heard in a long time.

I already have a technique to get myself to do something I fear, it doesn’t always work, but if I use it together with this, I’m sure it’ll help a lot. Fear can be constituted as any form of anxiety, or some type of inaction for a desired goal. Basically the question that you have to ask yourself is, “What would ‘my higher-self’ say about this situation?” In every instance, my higher-self has something positive and motivating to say. I’m going to try and use this more often. Next time you’re in a fearful situation, ask yourself what your higher-self would say and answer it. See if you can take action despite your fear, and get back to me.

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