The most beautiful woman in the world.

I had this idea a long time ago about merging the beauty of many women together in their entirety so that the most beautiful girl in the world would form. The link below is the closest to this idea as possible. Beautiful Girl

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Online Dating

I was at a Chris Johnson Seminar where he talked about getting Free Money From The Government. He mentioned that he met his (beautiful) wife through an online dating website. He said that you could ask him for the name of the website after the seminar, but I was in a hurry and so I didn’t bother asking him, especially because I don’t like to stay around ‘Gurus.’...

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Good-Bye to Shy

Good-bye to Shy is a book about shyness and how to overcome your shyness. It was written by Leil Lowndes and is the author of the bestselling book, How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. Even though I don’t really consider myself shy anymore, this book made me realize that people are shy to some degree. Although this book is written for the extremely shy person, it can be used for all...

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