Survival and Replication

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I was looking at some sites, and I stumbled upon this…

It’s interesting to see the relationship of how we are similar to our ancient ancestors. We are tribal. We seek approval. The list goes on, but below, this over here is the stuff that I wanted to post.

Mystery talked about how on an evolutionary scale, humans are meant to do two things, and they are: Survive and Replicate.

Men are driven to replicate because they have the survival part down. They’re strong enough to live, and therefore seek out women to propagate their genes.

Women, however, are driven to survive, because they’re the weaker of the species. So they look for men who can protect them to replicate with.

Much of this hearkened back to Neil’s theory on how women are attracted to men who are part of “Tribes” and have a certain kind of status.

This was taken from on old post on The Attraction Chornicles blog.

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