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Last semester I went to a Pre-symposium lecture held at Florida International University. This lecture was based on Black Studies In The New Millennium. I was one of the very few non-black scholars there. I was really impressed with Dr. Houston Baker from Vanderbilt University. For the sake of time I won’t get into the details, but I really enjoyed the lecture.

The next speaker was Philippe Dodard. He only spoke for a short while. He said something profound though (there’s always an epiphany with simplicity). He said (paraphrased), There is someone who designed the way your pen looks, who designed the way your shoes looks, who designed the way the car you drive looks, to the house, to the china set, to calendar you have, to the book cover, to the shape of your phone, to the layout of your computer keyboard; To everything there is an artist. I never really thought about how creativity is so active in our lives. And then the lecture was concluded.

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