Status Anxiety

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I watched a series called ‘Status Anxiety.’ It was very enlightening. There were a couple of things that they mentioned in the show but I’m just going to rant here. One of the things in the show was that self-esteem is equal to status divided by expectations, where we’re talking about quantity.

My rant: Pretty much it seems to me that we care too much what people think about us, and that’s why we get the things we do. We get nice cars, clothe, hair, and other things for the reason because we feel that we’ll be loved or admired. This is somewhat true though. People are somewhat admired for those things because it makes us feel that they are superior in a local concept.

I think my lesson is to not care what people think, to be more frugal, and to be happy because in the end, ‘death always wins.’

So how does relate to me wanting to game women. Well, I want to learn in life; I also like the challenge. I want to have my ideas expressed in life because I know that I will bring something to the table as long as I apply myself to that. I’m interested in trying to understand women in a mutual context, and as a theoretical concept that will be unwavering even in the future. I love the psychology behind relationships, but the problem is that people do lie, and that is very difficult to truly understand what people are actually thinking. We are all different, so even if I look at the situation from a 3rd-person perspective, I’ll only have an idea of the reaction.

I need to reaffirm that life is about learning, having a good time, and being enjoyably successful whether it’s from money or virtuous things.

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