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We are so insignificant in the cosmic perspective of things. The Earth is very small compared to Jupiter – which is small in comparison to the Sun – which is small in comparison to the Solar System – which is small compared to the Milky Way Galaxy – which is small compared to the galaxy super-clusters. Not only is there so much out there, time is an issue. The world is roughly 13 billion years I think. Either way, we’ve been alive for dome time, and have a long time left. So, 1,000 years, or even more, from now, how are we going to be remembered. Very few people will be remembered five-thousand years from now. So, in the greater perspective of things, we are insignificant, and thus, life is meaningless. There is no meaning of life.

Now to create an optimistic counterpart to the above…. This means that we should live our lives the fullest and do whatever we can to experience different things in life. Live with passion.

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  1. If life would be meaningless, we wouldn’t exist.

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