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I went on a little run. And during the run I was thinking to myself that I have to push myself harder. The only way to get better is by doing more little by little, but not by pushing too much. I want to make my goal of running the distance that I had set forth. I’m pushing myself to do it in the allotted time that I have set forth, and will continue to motivate myself to that mark. I want to succeed in having what I want and losers or quitters never make that mark. I was also thinking that even though I’ll have some temporary pain, the end result is joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment. And then it hit me, this is the successful attitude that can be applied to life whether it’s in making a few dollars, trying to get the woman of your dreams, or just simply trying to make your life a bit better. Life works. And when it does, it’s satisfying.

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