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I had an idea a while back to create a system that would help college students find other students to carpool to school with. The idea was to be integrated into facebook, and now with the facebook api being public, this can actually be done by someone that wants to take some initiative to help the environment. I’m simply the man with the idea at this point.

People put their addresses, class schedule, and extracurricular schedule into facebook. Facebook then provides students with the option of giving their phone number to anyone that’s within the vicinity that can give them a ride. Once the driver accepts, he has to pick up the other student, and the other students must be ready on time. This system is great for a commuter school. And if you decide to give rides to 3 other students, the system can configure the fastest route to pick up all 3 of them.

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  1. that would be fine and dandy… if people trusted each other- personally I wouldn’t trust some random driver that lived in my area… especially with the amount of car accidents/car accident deaths that have occurred in this wonderful city.

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