Ribono Shel Olam

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Master of the universe! I am Yours and my dreams are Yours. I have dreamed a dream and I do not know what it is. May it be Your will, Lord my God and God of my fathers, that all my dreams concerning myself and concerning anyone of Israel, shall be for good; whether dreams that I dreamed about others, or whether I dreamed about myself, or whether others dreamed about me. If they are good [dreams], strengthen and reinforce them, and may they be fulfilled in me and in them, like the dreams of Joseph the righteous. But if they require a remedy, heal them like Chizkiyahu King of Judah from his illness, like Miriam the prophetess from her leprosy, like Naaman from his leprosy, like the waters of Marah by Moses and like the water of Jericho by Elisha. As you have changed the curse of the wicked Bilaam from a curse to a blessing, so shall you change all my dreams concerning myself and concerning all Israel to good; and guard me, be gracious to me, and favor me.

Gemarah Brachot, page 55b

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