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I’m not going to post the IP address of the system in case it’s still running. Back in the day this system was used by a couple of us Miami hackers as a waring grounds. I know Jax0m or secksiepenguin or whatever she changed her name to was one (out of like what, 3 or 4 people?) of the main guys in the playful hacking war. She kind of cheated though because she had physically installed a backdoor on the system. Below is just the welcome screen, it’s a bit modified so that it can fit into frame. And yes, my name was y10kbug back in the day. I won’t make a new post for this, but this post will also tribute the names that I’ve used in the past.

  1. §TÄLîN (I played Command and Conquer – the original, and the portrayal of Stalin really stood out to me.)
  2. y10kbug (dorky name – a sign of the times maybe)
  3. I was nicknamed butcher by some people back in high-school because during the countless days we’d stay after school in Mr. Henry Van Leer’s computer lab in Miami Beach Senior High, I’d somehow dodge people’s bullets in Counter-Strike, and manage to cut them up with my knife. We were played Version 1 of Counter-Strike, but I think I was playing CS since Beta 1. I definitely know that I played since Beta 3. I’ve been using this variation of ‘butcher’ because it was the least likely simplistic version of the name to be taken by internet sites that required login names.)

DG/UX Release R4.11MU04 (miami)
login: y10kbug
Unable to change directory to “/home/y10kbug”
logging into directory “/” instead.
DG/UX Release R4.11MU04 AViiON
Copyright (c) Data General Corporation, 1984-2001
All Rights Reserved

# #
# #
# Data General AViiON DG/UX System #
# #


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  1. hey. googled myself and found you. do you still have that ip address? if i remember correctly, the root password was 29081016180173 😉


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