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Here are some notes from Donald Trump during the 2007 Real Estate & Wealth Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


Success whether 1000 years ago, 1000 years in the future (if we have a civilization which we probably won’t have because the way the world is going), no matter where you are, the rules for success will be the same.

Donald is a believer in positive and negative thinking. Negative thinking helps protect yourself from bad people.

Good deal-making is necessary. Success depends on good leadership.

There are many people in this room, that want to be successful, or want to be entrepreneurs, but can’t. All people are born with different levels of ability. To be successful you need certain qualities.

Definition of an entrepreneur is someone that inherently can handle pressure.

You can make money in bad markets.

You are so lucky you have a good job – you can’t handle pressure. If you can’t handle pressure, keep your job, and relax.

92 yr old with a 25 yr old girlfriend – 72 year difference, larry, what happens when she turns 30, I’ll have to find a new one. Nice!

Love and enjoy what you do.

It doesn’t matter. Family, and other things like that matter, but for the most part it doesn’t really matter. It’s worse procrastinating being nervous, and being indecisive than failing.

Never give up. Never ever quit.

Donald Trump is an ass. He talks (the truth) shit about everyone.

If you love something, it’s easier not to quit.

Airline business is not good business. Howard Hughes made the most from the airlines business.

If you can love something that’s good, just do it.

You have to know what you’re doing.

Some people just don’t have the luck. Some people are accident prone.

All I know is the harder I work, the luckier I get.

He likes losers, it’s like therapy (joke).

If you always believe that you’re the smartest guy, you take the eye off the ball. Be focused.

Luck, do something that you really want to do. Get yourself out of your comfort zone.

Donald was proactive and spoke to the banker, built rapport by agreeing with their negativity.

Get the best people, and don’t trust them. They have to respect you. If they have any indication that you don’t know what you’re doing, they will take over your business, and rob from you.

Get even. When someone screw you, screw them 15 times over. Other people are watching. We are all pray. Someone will take advantage of you.

If you think you have the ability, go with the tide, but sometimes, go against the tide.

Donald refuses to negotiate.

Be paranoid. Keep your guard up. The good fighters always keep their guard up. They protect themselves. The lions hunt for food because they have to.

Momentum – William Levitown – Bill Levin – Every nail, he’d save it. Harold Genine – bought Levin’s company. Harry Helmsley – his last years he was in trouble. Your last years have to be successful and meaningful.

Momentum is compounded. You can’t just go big right away. Don’t lose your momentum. Younger people should take risks that older people shouldn’t (He thinks this).

Always have a prenuptial agreement.

List pendance?

You need certainty. When someone claims that without them you would be nothing. . .

To be a winner, you have to think like a winner. You have to think victoriously.

Study other people’s failures, but even more so, study people’s failures.


Lever up, but he’d negotiate.

Chemistry is a beautiful thing. You have to have chemistry with someone.

You have to keep on searching for what you love.

If Trump would advise Bush, Bush needs to get our troops out of Iraq.

Often with success hurts your marriage life. If you have someone that caters to your ambitions, you’ll be fine. She needs to be positive, and encouraging instead of complaining. You have to encourage each other, and have something in common.

Hopefully you’re not guaranteeing the deal. Rather than allowing the banks take the properties on foreclosures, see if you can cut a deal with the bank. Negotiate. Make deals, make things happen. I make money, I want to pay you. You’re going to get far less than what I’m going to pay, so lets cut a deal.

Good times or bad times, don’t think you’re too hot, stay focused.

Location is important.

The good managers aren’t necessarily good hunters.

You want to learn from your mistakes, and you also want to learn from other people’s mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes.

There’s nothing like education. We can put it down. There are a lot of examples of people that didn’t need it.

If someone is really good, and even he represents the other side well, he writes their name down, and hires them in the future.

George Perez around Miami.

He said he would spend some of 50k on property, and the rest on something else. He wasn’t too specific, but the idea is that you CAN start to be successful anytime, anywhere.

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