Miami Real Estate – Most Searched Term

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Miami Real Estate ranked 5th searched term this past year on the list of most searched real estate markets. The way that determined this is by  the number of visitors who viewed properties in each of the markets from January to December 2010.

A part of the reason why Miami is searched often when it comes to real estate is because of the number of foreclosures, tax credits, interest rates, and other factors which help make the Miami market a most searched item.

While there are foreclosures, and a high level of mortgage fraud, Miami is an attractive market to many because it is a hub to Latin America. With the Port of Miami now dredging down 50 feet, in conjunction with the Panama canal dredging of 50 feet, Miami should be an even more attractive market for international trade.

I will make a guess that ‘Miami Real Estate’ will be a highly searched term for 2011.

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