Judicial Watch’s Top 10 Corrupt Politicians of 2010

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I am not surprised when I look at the Judicial Watch top 10 corrupt politician list every year and see some of the morally evil things that politicians do. When you’re in a position of power, whether in the public or private sector, it seems like some people – dare I say most politicians, will do ethically questionable things to put some more dollars in their back pockets.

A few weeks ago, in early December 2010, Judicial Watch released their top 10 list of corrupt politicians posted here. On this list there are the likes of Barbara Boxer, Rahm Emanuel, Barney Frank, Jesse Jackson Jr, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi is on this list again (not surprisingly), Charles Rangel, and a few more. I do agree with one of the commentators; more substantial information needs to be published about these politicians’ wrongdoings.

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Dennis Kucinich (I don’t agree with some of his social voting stances), and possibly a few others, may be the least corrupt politicians of our lifetime.

Realistically though, are there any good politicians that can affect positive change anymore???? I’m thinking there’s none…and that there’s never been any good politicians in existence that have lasted too long in office.

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