(Invisible) Energy (of the Mind)

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I’ve started to believe that we all have an invisible energy force. Not the kind that is like magic but a kind that is real, as real as the mind.

Kind of like a ‘Chakra’ but I’m not even really sure what that is.

This energy is all around us, and it passes from person to person. Whether it’s a bad energy or good energy. Think about it. If you’re in a bad mood, or in a bad state, or simply having bad thoughts, the mood, the enthusiasm, the energy is passed to another person. If you look depressed, another person passing you won’t want to talk to you because you’re displaying negativity. They don’t want any more negativity by talking to you, but they already have a good portion of it passed to them because they’re apparently not talking to you. If someone talks to you and you’re down, and that guy is happy, you do get a boost of energy don’t you. I think there’s an invisible force of energy around us, and it’s based on our mind and our thoughts. This energy from our mind can be passed off to people, and maybe even to the stuff around us. Though that’s probably a topic for another discussion.

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  1. The Universe and everything in it is made up of energy and information. All communication is an exchange of energy and information.

    Some people will drain your energy. Some will energize you. There are people, I call them energy vampires, who will constantly suck the life force from you. You will know them because you will feel drained after an encounter with them. They lack love and creativity and thus cannot generate their own energy.

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