Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling

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I’m still not the biggest fan of Wayne Dyer. After reading a few of his books, he hasn’t convinced me. Don’t get me wrong, his message does carry some weight to it, but I’m just not a fan. The movie that he came out with Ambition To Meaning was great. That movie has definitely made a home for itself with me, but his books aren’t a work of art to my eyes.

As most of you know, I have written a previous post on another one of Wayne Dyer’s books called The Power of Intention. I’m not a fan of this book as I am not a fan of his book which I skimmed called Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling. I must say though that there are some good ideas in this book and I am going to put those ideas in this blog now.

How I Learned to Slay the Ego Intruder

I realize that the ego’s voice has most of us convinced that we’re powerless to manage our own destiny. There was a time when I felt much more kindly toward the ego, since it plays such a dominant role in the lives of so many people – but today I see it as something that needs to be destroyed. I no longer agree that since it’s in our lives, we might just as well learn to love and accept it, troublesome as it might be; nor do I believe that it serves some useful purpose. Knowing that we’ve been created in the image of our Creator, and therefore have the same essence and the same ultimate potential, means that ego is out of the picture! Ego denies our original invisible reality, so it must be removed and completely banished from our awareness.

Realizing that ego is a traitor to our greatness is what ultimately set me free of its pull. I keep remembering that ego isn’t real, even as it still protests and attempts to delete my feelings of inspiration. My highest self responds with, “But remember, Wayne, what’s trying to drag you down isn’t real.”

What also helps to keep me on track is parenting. I’m the father of eight children, so I can recall thousands of instances of being sucked into a black hole of confusion and uncertainty with my kids. Arguments with them concerning schoolwork, question­able friendships, curfews, staying at a pal’s house, dress codes, dating, cigarettes or drugs, what was right from my perspective and wrong from theirs (and vice versa) … on and on this list could go. There were anger and hurt feelings, sleepless nights, and of course, much happiness, joy, and contentment, too.

As I look back on those years of parent/child conflicts, I real­ize today, in this now moment, that none of it exists. It isn’t real because it’s in the changing world of time and space. Similarly, I now realize that every conflict or struggle that exists, as well as those experiences I’d call good and joyful, are not real from the inspirational point of view. So if anything I experience is immedi­ately going to fall into illusion, why not simply stay connected to Spirit through it all?

While I still have occasions when I slip, today I’m able to say that every conflict I have with my mostly now-adult children (or anyone else for that matter) isn’t really between me and them—it’s between me and God. I look for a way to be like God and stay lov­ing, caring, forgiving, and peaceful within myself, suspending my need to be right and knowing that in the next moment it will all be gone . . . which is true of everything that’s being played out in this illusory world.

I want to emphasize that I’m not suggesting that peace means being in a place where there’s no noise or trouble; rather, it means that in the midst of turmoil, I can still feel calm. Not one of the things that I was so upset and out of control over matters today— not one. It’s all illusion fed by my ego’s need to make me impor­tant by “winning,” “being right,” or “coming out on top.”

– Die while you’re alive. Live the words of the New Testament that tell you that you’re in this world but not of it. You can be here without being attached to here by simply discarding your body identification: Imagine yourself as a decomposed energy field that’s impervious to anything not if Spirit. Envision, for example, that criticism and feelings of inadequacy are in this world and thus unable to enter the body because you’ve left it and are a translucent glob of nonparticles that’s no longer of this world.

I hope you enjoyed these two blurbs from the book because I know I did. To me, these are the most important words of wisdom from this book. There are a lot of good ideas in this book, but these two that I posted here are the only two that really need as much exposure as possible. Thanks for reading!!

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