How to Improve Your Real Estate Blog

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There are a couple of ways to improve your real estate blog, but there really is only one way which trumps anything else. You can take a look at working on the look and feel of the site, change your theme, add your phone number in large font to the bottom of the website and add a ‘sign up’ widget for people to sign up to your newsletter, SEO, etc. But still, all of these things are secondary to the one special ingredient to your blog.

That one special ingredient that will make the difference to your blog is somewhat obvious but not obvious enough because real estate professionals don’t do it nearly enough. In fact, it looks like that blog writing has gone down in 2010. If you haven’t guessed it by now, that one special ingredient is blog writing. You need to write original articles for your blog at least daily. Make the time to do it. If I can give you one piece of advice that is vital to your blog’s success, this would be it.

The Real Estate Tomato has a very good article about this. I love this excerpt from their article, “It’s more important to hit publish as often as possible than it is to write the perfect article.” This about sums up the point of this blog post. Write more articles. Write at least one blog post daily, and while you should write well, us proper grammar and spelling, don’t worry if it’s not the best work; content is golden.

Keep up the blogging!

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