Half-Life 2 is out on the 16th

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Very few people were getting this game early despite Valve saying that the game couldn’t be released or played before the 16th (because of Steam authentication). I actually went to the ebgames in San Diego and saw a prop or Half-Life 2 box, and asked them for it. The guy gave that and some 7-dollar magazine to me for like 5 dollars. I also went back there (1-hour drive?) to get Half-Life 2 on the 16th, and they gave me an employee Half-Life 2 shirt. So, I got the ebgames employee shirt, and the collectors edition shirt. I was such a nerd.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Half Life 2 is out on the 16th

Today, after I beat the original “Half Life,” again, I’m going to ebgames (electronics boutique) to see if they’ll release the “Half life 2” collectors edition to me early, as they have done with so many other people. Vivendi Universal is not letting Valve activate Steam until it’s release day on the 16th. So, no online authentication for your keys until the 16th. That means no single player until the servers online are activated. Half-Life 2 is coming out. Are you prepared?

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