FIU Real Estate Student Association

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FIU Real Estate Student Association

I have updated this blog in a while because I’ve been very busy lately.

In the Fall 2009 semester, I decided to take the initiative and get things moving within the Real Estate Student Association at FIU. Dr William Hardin, the Director of the Real Estate program, sent out an email and despite not being a real estate major, but a management major, I decided to be proactive and take the initiative and ‘grab the bull by the horns.’ We had a great team including Guenola Sostre the Vice President, and Rafael Fermoselle the Events Coordinator. Wendy Hernandez and J.P. Possenti also were active board members helping out.

Since we were only starting out, we had 2 main events during the semester. In November, we had Jose Fernandez and Jeff Cohen talk about “Investing in Commercial Real Estate.” This was such an amazing talk. Both of them had some differing views, but both have made choices which have helped them out in their 30+ year careers. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures taken at the event. However, we do have a picture of the flyer which was designed by Danny Valentine. Click on the flyer image below if you’d like.

The event was really well done and received some recognition from the FIU Business school news publication BizNews titled Real Estate Investors Help Student Organization Rebuild. The article written by Beverly Welber was really well written to say the least. She did an amazing job putting the article together and communicating with me.

Jeff Cohen gave me the contact information for to David Lombardi from Lombardi Properties who he highly recommended for the idea that we had for a tour of the commercial properties in the Wynwood Design District. We dubbed the event the Wynwood Art Basel Real Estate Tour which was quite a success. I do wish more students were able to find out about these events because they are just too spectacular to miss. Everyone that came out this event left with a ‘walking on clouds’ feeling. During the event, we got to see how artists collaborate with real estate developers to grow certain areas of town into ‘art districts.’ It was such a beautiful site to see. You could nearly taste the years of area and real estate transformation just by listening to David Lombardi. We happened to bump into Tony Goldman of Goldman Properties at the opening of the Wynwood Walls, the pioneer of creating many of the SoHo works of real estate art and transforming that district into what it is today. Tony Goldman is one of the most inspiring people that I’ve met. The event was definitely a success thanks to David Lombardi. This event concluded RESA’s first semester at FIU under my leadership.

It is now the Spring 2010 semester and we started a little bit late because of the holidays, but we started with a sprint. RESA has officially been recognized by the FIU Council for Student Organization and is also a member of the FIU Business Student Council. We had a tabling event for the FIU CSO Club Fair in which we recruited a number of students interested in real estate. Everyone is super-charged and motivated in what can accomplish. Here is a picture from the day.

We now have our own domain at which redirects to Orgsync. Students are required to sign up through Orgsync if they’d like to be a part of the organization. We also have our own Youtube page which has videos from our various events.

We also have our uCREW Miami event coming up. It will be held on Tuesday, January 26th, at 6pm in the College of Business Complex (CBC) room #232. This event is going to host various people from different fields within real estate. We will be having people from the architecture, appraisal, asset management, brokerage: sales and leasing, construction, development, interior design, finance, law, marketing, and title fields. The CREW event flyer is located here.

We have many great ideas in the works. We need more people to join and be willing to help out in a major way. When people are motivated to help out, we will be able to have bigger and better events. For now, our plan is to have at least one major event every month. We would like to do a series every week. I think we can make that happen, but for the details on how, you’d have to pick my brain. The vision that we have is of a nationally recognized student organization that is able to bring some of the best and brightest in real estate to expound their knowledge and experience onto FIU students and anyone else that may be interested in real estate.

Writing this article has pumped me up even more. I have a positive outlook and where we can be headed and hopefully I’ll be able to groom and inspire new leadership into appropriate roles and keep on making RESA bigger and better. Until next time, get busier and be industrious!

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