Day 1

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Hopefully, I will keep this desire to improve myself up by writing a Success Journal through this blog.

I’m currently listening to the 1st part of Personal Power II by Anthony (Tony) Robbins. He is talking about how if you do at least 1% a day towards your goal, that you will have a massive amount of improvement because each percent stacks up into greater than the 1%. The point is, keep on doing a bit everyday to get closer to some goal, and you will succeed with your objective.

Something else he said, “Dr. J said, ‘I demand more from myself than anyone could expect.'”

We are driven to success by inspiration or desperation. If you’re frustrated by something in your life, get up and do something about it.

What makes people like each other? Good question.

Repetition is the mother of skill.

What changes your life is not learning more; what changes your life is making decisions, and using your personal power and taking action.

The ultimate success formula:

  1. Know your outcome (Get clear on what you want)
  2. Decide to take action (in spite of fear) and move closer to your goal (Get yourself to take action immediately)
  3. Do your actions always work? – Notice what you’re getting from your actions (Know what you’re getting)
  4. If you’re getting further away from your goal, change your approach (Change your approach until something works)

Fear can sometimes be a counselor.

Instead of knowing what you want and taking random action, is you can use a role model. Find someone that is getting the results that you want, and find out what they are doing. Knowledge is not power; knowledge is potential power. Find someone that is getting the results you want and find out what they did, so that you can get the same results without ‘trial and error.’


What are two decisions that you could do right now that could change the quality of your life? And I want you to decide to take action on them. Take action right now for it. There is power in momentum. Once you think of something, make the decision within that moment to take care of it. There is no way to fail (mentality), if you screw up, learn from it. It only hepls improve us for the better.


  1. Become a ladies man (with maybe the intent of eventually getting into a long-term relationship after I have fun)
  2. Make a decent amount of money

Extra goals I want to work on

  1. Get rid of my gut
  2. Do better/well in school
  3. Make the fraternity great
  4. Decide on my career path
  5. Get a viable job

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