Dating Movies for Men

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Since I can’t keep these DVDs indefinitely (because they belong to the library), I am going to write the review for them and either borrow them again, or buy them at a later time. There were 5 movies that I borrowed. Their names are: Magnolia, Witches of Eastwick, The Thomas Crowne Affair, The Tao of Steve, and L’homme qui aimait les femmes (The man who loved women).

Magnolia was a great movie. It showed how there are relations between everything, and how the past does affect the lives of many people. I like Tom Cruise’s character that is based on Ross Jefferies. Cruise’s character is just as loud, and foul mouthed as Ross. Here’s an excerpt from cruise’s character in the movie, “Respect the cock; Tame the cunt.” Overall this is a fairly good movie. On a scale from A to F I’d give it a B+.

Witches of Eastwick was a fantasy movie about witches, but the movie’s antagonist is a man that is a very powerful charismatic individual. And as much as they don’t need guys, they “…always seem to be talking about them.” This movie is interesting because Jack Nicholson’s character is able to adapt to the personality of all the 3 women and seduce them. He knows exactly what to say to them to make them want him. Since I didn’t like the fantasy part, and the bias of the movie at times (it makes it seem like guys are always bad in some way to these women), I give the movie a C+.

The Thomas Crowne Affair is a brilliant and well-done movie. I like how the Mr. Crowne lives his lifestyle. It portrays a very social man, that can have many things going at the same time, and takes it all in with ease. The movie makes it seem that if you want a high-classed woman, you have to have money yourself. I don’t like the notion that you have to have to have money to be as charismatic as him. I love the way how Thomas knows what the girl (other people) is(are) thinking. He’s a brilliant man, but isfairly deceptive. I don’t like how the protagonist in these movies can seem manipulative at times. I give this movie a B+.

The Tao of Steve is a cult-classic/cult-hit. It’s about a movie of a guy that doesn’t care about life, and wants to seduce women. He falls in love with one and it’s the struggle to get with her that makes this movie what it is. I didn’t like the movie all too much. The guy seems to have no ambition in life, and seems to be manipulative in order to seduce women. I like the rules that he lives by, because there are rules to seduction; There has to be. I give this movie a B-.

L’homme qui aimait les femmes (The man who loved women) is one of the better movies in my opinion. This is a story about a man that loves women based on their legs. The guy makes indirect contact with them, but after he does make contact with them, he tells them how beautiful they are, and so on. He initially is indirect, but once he confronts them, he lets them know that he wants them in so many ways. This is a very interesting movie about this guys approach towards picking up women. I don’t know if anyone actually uses/used the same method and has had it work, but nevertheless it’s still an interesting method. I give this movie an A-.

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