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I just wanted some closure as far as what happened. The Commanding Officer for 5th Battalion 11th Marines during ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom I’ was Lieutenant Colonel Gerald L. Smith, who now is a Colonel as I understand it. Sometime’s you’ll see his name as Jerry, or Gerry, or G. L. Smith (this is reall just for search purposes).

Anyways, the reason why I’m writing this is for anyone that knows about what happened after his return back to Camp Pendleton, California after the war. I know he had a Sergeant Major, SgtMaj Racine. I heard that after SgtMaj Racine (the Battalion Sergeant Major at the time), went to his new unit, he commited suicide. It’s such a tragedy, and I hope his family can find peace. I was wondering what the circumstances were behind him doing himself in. Was it because of the guys that tried to take some Iraqi weapons back to the states?

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  1. johne.ismyname [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

    I came across an old text I wrote in high school in an old post of yours (social engineering thing). Shoot me an email… wondering if you still have an original copy, or any of the other ones.


    Stealth, SgtMaj Racine was my Battalion SgtMaj. I served with him in Iraq. I was the doc for Romeo Battery. Drop me a line and we can talk. Devildoc84040000 [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com.

    Semper Fi.

  3. jason hope says:

    I miss him so much I am SSgt in the Marine Corps and I wouldn’t be here today with out him, I would like any info on what happened to my beloved SgtMaj.

  4. I’ve also searched for anything I could find related to Sgt Maj Racine’s death. He checked into our unit and 2 about 2 months or so later, committed suicide in the lockers. Very tragic.

  5. I met john when he was stationed in Philippines 82/83. I saw all the devastation in PI this weekend. Brought back memories of when I lived there on base, met john. I decided to try and track him down to see that he is no longer with us. So very very sad. Would love to hear from anyone that knew him

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