Cheeses and Warehouses

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I love cheese. I specifically enjoy specialty cheeses. Warehouses are needed for companies that store and distribute large quantities of cheeses. Specialty cheeses fall into the category of aged cheddar, highly perishable soft-fresh cheeses, cream fortified cheeses, brie and soft-ripened cheeses, washed rind cheeses, blue cheese, well-aged hard cheeses, blended milks with combinations of cow, goat, and sheep milk, naturally smoked cheeses, natural cheese varieties & cheese spreads with fruits, nuts, peppers & spices, limited production of American Originals. Specialty cheese types fall into American Originals, Artisan or Artisanal, Farmstead, Organic. Specialty Cheese Varieties include, Creme Fraiche, Fromage Blanc, Crescenza, Mascarpone, Schloss, Feta, Quark, Brie, Les Freres, Camembert, Mt Ta, ColoRouge, Pierce Point, Green Hill, Pourde uffs, Tomme, La Petite Creme, Velvet Rose, Amish Blue, Buttermilk Blue, Crater Lake Blue, , Cream Gorgonzola, Oregonzola, Brick, Havarti, Limburger, Muenster, Fontina, Teleme Jack, Aged Gouda, Smoked Gouda, Geliefde, Aged Cheddar, Gruyere Surchoix, Petite Swiss, Raclette, Stravecchio Parmesan, Monterey Dry Jack, American Grana, Romanello, Sareanah, Pepato.

Man, I love cheese!

Here are just a few more to tickle your tastebuds. Mascarpone, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Queso Blanco, Cream Cheese, Edam, Asiago, Gruyere, Provolone.

There is just so much more that you can find out about cheese, but you can look at the US Dairy Export Council – Cheese Appreciation Guide.

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