Change your beliefs now

Posted by on Mar 28, 2007 in Blog, Philosophy | 1 comment

Close your eyes, and imagine someone that you most respect – someone that is wise beyond their years. Imagine if that person told you that everything you believe in was wrong.

Consider a belief of yours, whether it’s a belief in monogamy, religion, ethics, guns, etc, is irrelevant. Any argument you can make for your belief can be rebutted by someone who is superiorly competent and communicative to you. Think about the implications of this. You consider your beliefs to be right, and the opposition considers their beliefs to be true.

The main point is that one shouldn’t assume that there’s one way, or one reason for everything, and should be open-minded to new possibilities because maybe, just maybe, those new beliefs are right.

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  1. the great thing about beliefs is that they can be molded and modified with every opinion you hear… only YOU know which is the right opinion for you…

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