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The world is going to hell. I mean, come on, if you have a TV, turn it on. If not, go to a populated place, and just look at everything. Think about how much resources we are wasting, or just how much we are using. People are generally aggressive; We want what we want. People don’t have respect for others, and instead of helping for the greater good, we are being selfish. I plan on making a secretive bunker. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be posting this here, but I think I must that way others have a similar idea. Because of the aggressive human instinct for survival, I can’t let too many people know about the bunker. If word gets out, then everyone will want to be safe in it, and I simply can’t accommodate everyone. There might also be the problem of someone trying to sabotage the construction of it, or once when it is in place, the take-over of it.

I’m posting a basic outline of what it will look like. There’s more that I need to work on, as far as design, but this is definitely going to cost me, but when I do it, I’ll have the money to do it, plus, it’s worth the survivability of the innocent.

There’s only one more thing that I need to address other than the reasons to build it, and the floor plans for it. I need to document what the bunker must have for an indefinite amount of time for definite survival in all situations.

I’ve created a list of thing that will lead to the catastrophe (as it’s titled). Here they are:

  • Weather is unpredictable
  • Resources are running out
  • Wars are causing hatred among people and their children (causing an unfortunate loop)
  • Invention of new ways to kill each other by use of weapons
  • Population growth
  • Human mistakes
  • Selfishness

ADDENDUM (May 18th, 2007): But apparently there are others that realize that there is a problem. The problem I have with this group is that they are taking it to the extreme. This group is called the Voluntary Human Extinction Project. These guys are sick, but it’s undeniable that there is a problem.

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