I wish I had all of the reviews, or I wish I could write down all the good things people have said about me. All these reviews are testimonials on what how great of a guy I am. They also dictate how strong of a connection I create with people.

The point of this section is not egoic based, but about how good I can be to help you get to the next step with where you want to go. You don’t need this ‘testimonial’ page to know how great I am. Either you’ve heard about me from other people, or you will see how awesome I am when you meet me. I want to make your life better, just let me know how, and I’ll see what I can do.


“Very rarely to do you meet a person like Dan. He is dependable, does not shy away from accomplishing tasks that he has never done before and gives his all to whatever he sets his mind to. I can always expect the highest form of professionalism from him and can count on him to communicate exactly what he can or cannot do. He lives his life knowing that he will “do it or don’t it.” It is my joy to present my friend Dan to anyone who needs a helping hand or needs a ready mind to tackle any obstacle.” October 6, 2009

Hector Roos, Student, Florida International University
studied with Dan at Florida International University


“Dan he is a very self-driven professional. he is fully dedicated to his business academic goals. he has a friendly demeanor with great communication skills.” October 5, 2009

Eli Cohen, CEO & Founder, FacesMe
studied with Dan at Florida International University


“In my experiences with Dan, he has proven himself to be an involved, and devotedly so, to all tasks he commits himself to. As a former section Editor at the FIU newspaper, I became familiar with some of his views, and was impressed with the degree to which he was informed. Though never employed with the paper, his work with campus groups was noted, and appreciatively so.” January 29, 2009

Joseph Marhee, Opinion Editor, Florida International University Student Media
worked with Dan at Florida International University