About Me

My name is Dan Berkovitz. I am a man of action.

I have a vision for my life. I am the type of person that wants success in all facets of life, and am working hard to achieve it. I have taken leadership roles in many organizations because I feel in alignment with being a leader. While I am constantly learning and working on my self-improvement, I do realize that mastery will take a lifetime.

A great thing that I’m doing is creating a massive network of people that are value-givers that help each other. Keeping the right kind of positive people around me is important. The whole is greater than its parts, and in our case, if we help each other out, we will be greater and stronger than we have ever been. Success is determined by how many other people I’ve helped become successes.

I help people get rich. You’re next.

If you do want to be a part of my network, of our network, or if you’d like to do business, whether real estate or not, please contact me, and together we can make magic happen.