A Jew

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All people of the world know who they are – they’re forthright about it. Koreans are Koreans, Norwegians are Norwegians, and Hyphenated-Americans are Hyphenated-Americans.
But what are Jews? “Who – or what – am I?” is a question every Jew has asked at least once in his lifetime. And sadly, he has reason to, because instead of definitions, he has doubt. Is being Jewish a race? Religion? Tradition? Ethnicity? Nationality? Geographic origin? None of the above?
Here’s what a Jew is: a Jew is a spiritual state of being. A Jew is any human being who has a Jewish soul, regardless of his race, lifestyle or professed religion.
A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.

Taken from Farbrengen Magazine , High Holiday Issue 5767/2006

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