A Course in Miracles

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This past Wednesday, February 25th 2009, I went to the Marianne Williamson lecture titled, “A Course in Miracles.” I went there as a part of the FIU Center for Spirituality and Religious Studies. Now while I’m not a part of the program, I am an FIU student that’s interested in many things, among them, the ideas behind spirituality.

So as soon as we started, she had us introduce ourselves to the person sitting next to us. Since I was a student, I only paid $5 instead of the $25 for attendance, and was placed in the balcony area. There weren’t many people there. I introduced myself to this guy that was sitting not too far away from me.

The next thing she had us to was some time of mental spiritual exercise. I don’t really remember the exercise though.

Now here are miscellaneous things that I wrote down from her talk. They might not make sense since I jotted a whole bunch of notes down.

Carl Jung said that we will have a spiritual awakening that comes from the depths of the human psyche.

Religion vs Spirituality: spirituality has no doctrine or dogma.
Goal of spirituality: Is the attainment of inner peace.
We attain inner peace through forgiveness.
Religion is theological and has an element of separateness.

Recognize how beautiful all religions are.

The meaning of love is beyond that which can be talked about.

We are thoughts in the mind of god.

Think with thoughts of love.

When you think without love, you’re not thinking at all. Its an illusion.

Buddha – The world is an illusion
Buddha – Realm of love and spirit. We have the choice to extend love. (otherwise we project fear)

Einstein – time and space are illusions of consciousness

Things are made holy or unholy by what the mind ascribes to it. We all have temptation to things that are unholy. Temptation to proceed without love. Temptation is ego.

Spirit is real, matter is not real.
In Judiasm, the covenant itself is the bridge for transcendence.

Enlightenment begins as an abstract concept/(construct?).

Ego’s thought system is that the person around you is guilty.

Student of spirituality: I am willing to see other people differently. (if your initial judgment is egoic and bad). Have compassion for others.

Heaven: Oneness
Hell: Ego

Prayer – helps.

Your only problem is separation from god.

Atonement for errors (instead of sins).

Your life is a projection of your thoughts.

Recognize that I’m a child of god (a spirit), not just finite (thoughts).

Mattisse – painter

You lost your job… but you still have your career.

Difference between form and content.

Internal power of the soul.

Every situation is a relationship with god.

Everything (joy or pain) is an opportunity to learn from.

There is no failure because you’re working on it and want it.

Who do you choose (the people you hang out with) to be with?

Ask god what he wants of us.

Our mission at any given time is to forgive as much as we can.

Buddha – The thinker is pointing at the moon and we get caught up with which finger.

Do not delay. Go for experience.

Why would you have a loveless thought in the moment?

Instead of asking for love, or wondering whether ‘she’ deserves your love, the course says, “trust me, she’s worth all of my love.”

Have a prayer with god for 5 minutes in the morning.

We have gods internal guidance with us.

Tao Te Ching – Tao – Zen Buddhism: Ego speaks first and loudest. How we interpret things matters.

Empty the mind.

Book: “Love to tell”

Aziv Khemisa – story

All suffering is important and not one is more important than the other, like with the gaza conflict where people are taking sides. Visualize ourselves as the both sides, and then merge the images for unity.

Buddhism: Karma is not based on what you’ve achieved in your life, but through what you’ve tried to achieve in your life.
Susan B Anthony died before women’s voting rights came into fruition.

We know what our next step to grow is.

Buddhist perspective: Were we smiling?

On the day when there is true peace, there will be more joy and laughter than there has ever been tears.

I enjoyed some parts of the lecture. I’m not really a religious person. I’m a spiritual person in the sense that I find an inner power that pushes me to become better. That inner power can be synonymous with the context that god is used in this post, and in my opinion, with the lecture too. Whether you believe in god or not, you can’t deny that willpower, or energy, or your life power, your mood, are all affected by your inner strength.

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